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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Forest Girl is Drowning and Lost in a Tangential Tangerine Dream

Sometimes I wish I was back in the Renaissance with Leonardo. No, not The Titanic Leonardo, the da Vinci one.

I like knowing a little bit about everything; I prefer A Forest to the individual trees.

Suddenly I stop; But I know it’s too late; I’m lost in a forest...

There is too much information and it feels like I am drowning. I can barely keep up with knowing all the things I don't know anything about. Did that make sense? If not, too bad. A corollary to the information glut is the lack of time. Maybe I should borrow Hal's Tardis. Don't you like how Hal sounds similar to Hell?

Sorry. Distracted. But it gives you a glimpse into the state of my mind at the moment. But I do have a point somewhere. Too much information. Too many interesting things that I want to do. Not enough time.

D's very useful and filed away for future reference post on Javascript links is what prompted this somewhat rambling spiel. Javascript is something I don't actually know yet but think I would like to learn. I have a vague idea about what AJAX is and why I should have a slightly less vague idea about it. But, I can't see me finding time to actually find out any more about it unless I have to use it for some project at work.

Knowledge, technology and the interweb is all very nice and stuff but it is making it impossible to be any sort of respectable renaissance girl. As much as I hate to admit it I don't think it is possible to be an artist, dancer, rock-chick, physicist, geologist, astronomer, astrologer, psychologist, web developer, oceanographer, graphic designer, actor, gypsy, event planner, dolphin, writer, poet, anthropologist, programmer, engineer, composer, interior decorator, religious leader, and philosopher all at once. It is not even possible to keep up with the bare minimum in all the areas I am interested in. I can't even keep up with current affairs.

On days like today I am depressed because I think that the Brave New World belongs to the specialists ... and to those who don't go off on tangents.


The number of people who are even interested in knowing about anything at all are too few and far between. Keep up the interests. You won't be able to slake all your desires (look it up), but having the desire for knowledge and being able to fulfill even the least of them will continue to keep your mind occupied for years to come. Imagine how boring things would be if you *didn't* have these interests. It's wanting to learn things and being able to learn at least a little in different areas that makes you the Renaissance Chick you are.
This quote came in my "quotations of the day" e-mail and I figured it would be perfect for you...

The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.
-- Horace Walpole
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