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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cucumber Cocktail Recipe

1. muddle chunk of cucumber and half lime in a cocktail shaker
2. add 2 measures of vodka and ice
3. shake
4. pour into a glass
5. top up with lemonade

I have only tried this with plain vodka so far. It is a very refreshing drink. Next I am going to try it without the lemonade, and then I might try it with honey vodka. Honey and cucumber could be really disgusting, or it could be delicious. I'm not sure which it will be.

I also think cucumber will go well with gin. But I am not sure I have any gin at the moment. Oooh...I just had a thought! I could have a cucumber version of a Long Iced Tea replacing the coke with lemonade.

: Cucmber and Honey vodka is an "interesting" taste sensation. Only just drinkable yet different enough that I had a couple of glasses and may drink it again.

This is creative!
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