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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shopping is Boring

I went on a little shopping expedition today.

I used to like shopping and buying things, especially clothes/jewellery that I would never wear, books I'd never read, and makeup that I'd never use. Now I find it boring. I wonder if it's because I don't have spare money or because I've outgrown shopping or because I have more than enough stuff?

Today I had a list of things I intended to buy:
From Lush: Dream Cream for my stressed out skin, some sort of conditioning shower gel/soap, and Coolaulin conditioner from Lush. Coolaulin is one of my favourite hair products. It is the best conditioners I've found for taming and defrizzing my curly hair.
From Wherever: canvases

So here is how my shopping expedition went:
  • Whitcoulls - 5 minutes looking at canvases. There weren't any in the size and shape I wanted so I left. I did not buy any books. I didn't even look at any books.
  • Lush - 10 minutes choosing a couple of buttercreams and checking out the new products. Then I bought the things on my list. Nothing more.
  • Warehouse - 5 minutes looking at canvases. Nothing suitable.
  • Art Shop - closed.
This expedition included walking up and down Queen St and High St which has lots of cool designer clothes shops. I even walked past a massive "this weekend only" makeup clearance sale without pausing.

I wonder if my disinterest in clothes and buying things is related to my disinterest in what I am wearing. Recently, in the weekends and evenings I have been remarkably scruffy. Throwing on whatever is clean, comfortable and suitable for the weather. On the one occasions when I have gone out at night the only effort I made is to make sure that I was tidy enough to get the bar we were going to.

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