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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was all excited because I heard that Don Brash (the Leader of the opposition) said something sexist about Helen Clark (the Prime Minister) after last nights debate (which I didn't watch).

Aside: Frank (a Labour) supporter reckons Helen won the debate. Bob (a National supporter) reckons Don won the debate. I conclude it was probably very boring. Certainly much less interesting than the 60 minutes story on the Children of God.

I am very disappointed to find out that all Don Brash said was
"Well, I think it's not entirely appropriate for a man to aggressively attack a woman and I restrained myself for that reason,"
and some other similarly innocuous stuff.

That's it? Seriously? And women are upset about that? There is a news story about that? Elephant.

What universe are other people living in?
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Dum de dum...

It seems I haven't written in ages. I don't really have anything to say. Well...at least nothing to say in a public forum.

Hmmm...perhaps a tarot reading is in order.

Oh wait. I just thought of something! Oh wait, on second thoughts...bad idea.

So...hasn't the weather been lovely?

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Delicious links for today

Cooking with Google: enter ingredients and get recipes.

33 Days to Your Dream Job: Maybe this says something different to all those other advice books. Or maybe not.

Death by Caffeine: Find out how much of your favourite caffeinated drink you need to drink to kill yourself. I need to drink 97 cups of brewed coffee.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lets Do the Time Warp Again

Trust Zen to make politics mildly interesting. His latest post (The Story of Brad and Janet) is hot!
His recent music related
blog game is also choice.

And I quite liked this post by Right Wing Death Beast at Sir Humphreys (Working For Families/politics related). Elephant.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Politics Again...

yeah yeah...I KNOW...but this is only for another few minutes...

After Labour's latest "tax relief" for families thingy I have now decided.

I am definitely not voting Labour. I am definitely voting for whomever I think is best wrt to getting Labour out of power.

Yeah I'm a selfish person who doesn't care if the children are starving...but so are lots of other people, they just don't see it. So there :-p

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tax Cuts

Popping my head back into the political zone for a few minutes...

According to Labour's tax relief calculator I get NOTHING.

...and in the background I hear John what-his-name babbling about targeted versus general tax cuts...

I am SO not better off with Labour.

Question: What does "Less than Zero" tax mean?

...OK returning to my universe...
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Flickr Interestingness

I like the word interestingness. And I like the new(ish - I've been busy!) flickr interestingness feature, which helps you explore some of the best Flickr photos.

There are so many "wow" photos. This photo by *syzygynick being just one of them:

Bridge in Fog
Originally uploaded by *syzygynick.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Poker Night


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I am remembering, and because I am remembering I am wondering. Why does life only make sense in retrospect?

Does anyone else have weird, but significant/memorable events/feelings that only make sense years later? It is like "planting" in movies/books.

These past few weeks a plethora of past and semi-forgotten events have started coming back into focus. Things that didn't make sense years and months ago are, well I won't say "making sense", cause that would be wrong... umm... OK. It is like suze is a bit confused, especially the old suze. The universe knows this, so it made her do inexplicable things all those years ago, just so she would do/think about the right things now.

For example, several years ago I gave someone a really stupid gift. It was stupid even by my standards. It was a gift wrapped box. An EMPTY gift wrapped box. And yeah...they were a bit confused when they opened it. I don't even think it was a birthday or anything. At the time I was just following one of those odd impulses that I sometimes get. I had vague thoughts about it meaning something. And it did mean something, it's just that now it means more and I realise what it should've meant, and what it probably did mean, and all of a sudden something I have been thinking about now clicks into place.

But it is not just this one example, it is many past events/feelings...all clicking now in relation to one thing. It is kind of cool. Although I do want to know: Why? and Why now?

I once started to draw a map of the significant events/people in my life, and how they have led me to where I am today. I thought it would be interesting because the events/people I have had strong/weird feelings about have mostly turned out to be very significant...although obviously I am still waiting on some of them...

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Free GIS (fGIS)

I am quite impressed with fGIS (Forestry GIS). I have only played with it a little, but I am particularly impressed with the fact that it is free!!

It has a lot of functionality that you only get in the pay thousands of dollars for GIS.

You can view GIS, CAD and image data. More importantly, you can edit data. There are many other cool things like viewing maps in 3D and georeferencing.

If I had a normal computer and I wanted to do GIS stuff at home, I would be downloading it for home use.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lemur Feeds; Packing Lists; and DON'T Google It

I have nothing to write here. All my thought and energy has gone into several long and fascinating email conversations. I said some very insightful things. I am quite pleased with myself.

Anyway these delicious links caught my eye today:

Lemurs! Google feeds of search results from "Lemurs"? Hmmm...

Apparently packing/travelling is popular right now. If I ever get around to travelling these links might be handy: The Universal Packing List and One Bag: The Art and Science of Travelling Light.

Then there is this: Google It You Moron. No! No! No! Much as I profess to worshiping google, I am not sure I like the way that the first thing everyone does when they have a question is to google it. I wonder just how powerful google is? I wonder what happens when nobody talks anymore because google knows everything?

It reminds me of how Bob gets annoyed with me sometimes for asking "stupid questions" like what a word means. Apparently I am supposed to be googling it (or looking it up in a real live dictionary). I get annoyed with Bob because I am asking him because I want to know what he thinks the word means. If I wanted to know what the dictionary thinks it means I would be asking the dictionary.

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Upcoming Gigs

There is a lot of live music that I want to go see over the next few months.

Tonight: The new Quiver line up play for the first time in the Battle of the Bands. It's at the Kings Arms, which is convenient.

Soon: Tegan & Sara at Shadows (haha!). I am going if I manage to get organised enough to a) buy a bcard and b) get a ticket.

Three nights at the end of September: Fly My Pretties at the Hopetoun Alpha. This is SO exciting!!! Yay, yay, yay!!! I am tempted to go all three nights, but that would be silly wouldn't it?

November: Foo Fighters at the Supertop. I HATE the Supertop, but would like to see the Foo Fighters live, so I am dithering about this.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hello Blog

Frank noted that I haven't posted anything to my blog in a while. Since Wednesday to be exact.

I have excuses (not that I feel I need to write anything). I have been busy. I won't go into detail, but "busy" consists of various stupid self-inflicted crises, parties, drinking, and being hungover. There wasn't a lot of sleep involved, which is why this post is a rambling mess.

Things I learned in the weekend:
I am not totally crap at poker. But I am not great either.
I am very good at drinking. The hangovers were pretty mild and more lack-of-sleep than alcohol induced.
I am still very bad at rolling cigarettes.

I might post something more thoughtful a little later. Or not.

Maybe I am getting over my blog addiction...
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oh dear....

So I am going to my first poker night this weekend. I've always wanted to go to a poker night and keep intending to hold my own, but never get around to it. Poker nights always sound so cool: alcohol, cigars, and friendly competition....hmmm lots of fun...

I have never played poker before, so I thought I'd better learn how to play.

Now, after reading the rules I am a little concerned. Poker is so not my game!You have to remember things! while drinking! and trying to be sociable!!!! Now I love drinking, but I can't remember things and drink and talk to people all at the same time. I will just end up skipping the "remembering" part. It also seems like you need to pay attention and not go off into your own little dream world. I am always going off into my own little dream world. And I am not looking forward to the whole betting/money/counting/competition/losing thing...I can see me folding the whole night...

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Over-Analysis vs Intuition

I wonder if I am over-analysing things. Most likely.

I tend to be over-sensitive to "vibes" from people and situations, so when something or someone seems weird I over-react and try to figure out why the vibe was weird and I get all defensive and reserved.

Why am I thinking about this?

Well I got a very weird vibe from a situation the other day. Very strong. Very uncomfortable. I told myself to just ignore it, and I did and nothing bad happened although I was uncomfortable throughout the remainder of the situation. But now I am thinking about it again because there is a possible repeat.

I know better than to ignore my intuition. I just need to figure out how to handle it in advance. Walking out is one option, shutting everyone and everything out is another option, any other suggestions?

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How rich are you?

How rich are you?

This sort of puts things into perspective.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Suze and Politics: Part I Forget What Number I'm Up To

The election is soonish and I am more than bored with politics. All the political blogs seem to be churning out ever increasing numbers of words per day. Quantity? No thanks. So I have stopped reading them. Far too much information. Far too tedious. I am sure it is all very insightful and important, but the truth is I don't really care.

I have forgotten why I decided to not vote Labour. It would be nice if someone would remind me or write a concise list or something.

I am definitely leaning towards consulting the Tarot about who to vote for.

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Frank asked if I was considerate of other people. Why would he ask such a thing? Surely he knows what a considerate person I am?

Anyway, I said no. After all I am attempting to be a selfish inconsiderate bitch. I have been improving. I no longer immediately jump up and get things for people before they even realise they need/want them. Sometimes I wait before getting them. Sometimes I don't even get them at all.

And I have never liked helping little old ladies or people stuck in the cold rainy weather. So that's not a problem.

But just now when I went to make myself a cup of tea I saw there was only one teabag left. Now I really wanted tea, but I left the teabag in case someone else wanted tea more than me. I am drinking coffee, which is not really what I wanted. That's just silly consideration isn't it? I should go have that last cup of tea.

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