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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I don't like responsibility. Especially when it comes to work.

I work in a team of lets say 6 people (the actual number depends on how you define "team" and changes depending on the project). Of these 6, 4 of us do the type of work I do, the other 2 do something almost completely different. Until recently (when we were still a group of 5) I was the junior member. That was cool. I liked that. I didn't have to know anything. I had minimal responsibility.

Anyway, we recently employed someone, and now I am the second most junior person. All fine. A bit more responsibility, which I don't like, but can handle.

The problem is now 3 of the 6 are overseas for an extended period of time. It is just me, 1 senior person who doesn't really do what I do, and the newest junior member of the team.

Did I mention that we are still very busy (I have been and have lots of projects that need finishing, a few that are starting, and lots of miscellaneous work?

What does this mean? A lot more responsibility. Which I don't like and never wanted. Yes, it is pushing me way out of my comfort zone, but that is not always a good thing. I am not sure this is a good out of comfort zone excursion. It is stressful, and despite what I may sound like in these blog posts, I am actually very responsible and hard-working. If something needs to get done, I do it. It doesn't matter if it means all-nighters or working weekends. This is one of the reasons the thesis has been dragging. There is always something more urgent.

I will have to try very hard to not over-extend myself at work for the rest of this year. In fact I was supposed to be cutting back work to focus on my thesis, but there is this huge pile of work and a deadline and no one else to do it. Hmmm...I am going to have to be very assertive about this.

Being assertive is always a good thing... If you need help.. let them know... cause unless you speak up noone will know!

Good luck with all the to-dos!I am sure you will make it through!
Thanks mieasha!

I'll get through the to-dos or not, and that will have to be enough :)
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