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Friday, October 14, 2005

Very vexing

I am very vexed today.

Reason One
I have been "discussing" the happiness and comfort zone topic with Frank. Fortunately it was an email discussion because it made me very cross. Frank can make me very cross sometimes, which is one of the reasons I like him, but sometimes it is just very very vexing.

Here is an intensely paraphrased summary of our discussion. But before we start it is important to know that X = Y = Z.
Frank: I disagree with what you said in that "Imaginary friends post" because of "X."
I think to myself: !!!!!#%@^@!!! I thought I said "X" in the "Imaginary friends post."
Me: yes, because "Y."
Frank: I disagree because 'Z."
Me: aarghhh!!!!!!!!!!
Reason Two
Here is this afternoons paraphrased conversation with the Computer.
Me: Computer make X = [A B C]
Computer: ERROR! A, B and C must be the same size.
Me: Oh. I'm sure they were the same size. Computer what is the size of A?
Computer: 5 rows
Me: What is the size of B?
Computer: 5 rows
Me: And the size of C?
Computer: 5 rows
Me: That's what I thought! Computer, make X = [A B C]
Computer: ERROR! A, B and C must be the same size.
Me: Aargghhhh!!!!!!!!
The Computer is almost as frustrating as Frank!


Never forget that:

0 = 1 for very small values of 1.
But 0<>1 for large values of 1?

I guess Frank and the Computer are using different values of 1 ;)
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