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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Very Vexing Update

Do not blog drunk.

I am not drunk. I have an excellent alcohol tolerance.

Anyway, I just realised that my Very Vexing post was unintentionally synchronous. Or funny. Or both. Anyway, my conversations with Frank and the Computer were basically the same. I could generalise my afternoon as:
Frank/Computer: They are not the same.
me: They are the same!
Frank/Computer: They are not the same!
me: They are the same!!!!
and so on....
No wonder I was vexed! But now I am kind of impressed that it worked out like that. Frank and the Computer don't even know each other.

heheeh... this is funny~
Interesting. Given that computers run on programs and programs do contain errors (even programming languages), all you have to do with a program is to rephrase or clarify the question. Maybe Frank would respond well if you did the same.

For instance, I once was comparing the value of a variable which contained a fraction with the value of a constant. They were supposed to be exactly the same and the computer was telling me they were not. What I normally do is trace these damn things in the debugger, just to make sure I haven't screwed up somewhere else. But no, every hunky dory. So I think I ended up doing something like converted the variable to a string and comparing it with a string constant and it worked.

I've also rearranged code before and it's suddenly started working the way it's supposed to .. best not to question why.
Yeah I gues it IS funny :)

You just gave me an idea about hte program. THanks! I'm sure it has something to with the fact that C is a string and A and B are numbers. I thought that it ought not matter to that particular function, but maybe it does...

And I guess Frank and I might have different definitions of "same."
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