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Sunday, May 15, 2005

free and home again

this is an old path
that I'm dancing over
if I looked down maybe I'd see your footprints
walking in that one direction
I don't know where you're going
I just know that you're going

and this is an old chord
that I'm listening to
and pulling a melody out of
just like you pulled a melody out of me when you were still here

my eyes are closed
to welcome this feeling
familiar, lost and drifting
free and home again

Do you think so? I hadn't intended it to be sad. But then it was one of those things that came out unintended.

Now that I am actually reading it....you're right it IS sad, but not in a bad way I think.

Why is it easier to right sad/depressing words? I find it very difficult to write happy words without them sounding cheesy or stupid.
Reading it through only once, sadness was simply the emotion it evoked. As far as poetry / lyrics, I can't really say why it is easier to write things that are sad, as I don't write poetry or lyrics. I do know that things that are sad can be more interesting to read than things that are happy, as long as they are not self-pityingly sad, as some poetry can be.

As far as writing fiction goes, which is what I'm trying my hand at, well, if the entire story were happy, there wouldn't really be much of a story there, I think. Nothing to engage the reader.

Anyway, for what it's worth, that's my $0.02...

Well I am very flattered that evoked an emotion.

I think I will turn it into a lyric. Reading over it again, it reminds me of Tool lyrics. It is interesting how I unintentionally reflect the style of my favourite lyricists.

I noticed that you were writing a story, but I haven't had time to read all your older posts about it. I have all sorts of questions, which I will leave till later. But in the meantime: does it fit into a specific genre?

Why don't you send your email address over to me at david_uctaa@yahoo.com. It's easier to correspond that way :)
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