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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Am Too A Naturalist Thinker

The BBC's What Type of Thinker Are You quiz (preceding post) could have better questions.

I probably got a very low Naturalist Thinker score. Not because I am not a Naturalist Thinker (I think I am) but because of the questions they asked me. I answered the quiz honestly and didn't do the thing I sometimes do when I answer what I think the intention of the question is instead of answering the actual question.

I assume that the questions on the quiz that relate to the Naturalist Thinker were the ones of the type: do you have pets? do you have plants? do you like animals? No, I don't have pets. No, I don't have plants (well at least never for very long). And no, I don't like animals. But that has nothing to do with it.

Just because I don't want the responsibility of looking after living things and because I don't think it is fair to have a cat or dog if you live in an apartment and because I am absentminded when it comes to boring things like watering and feeding doesn't mean I am not a Naturalist thinker. It just means that I am unselfish and self-aware. It could also mean that I am busy and like having the freedom to leave whenever I want and not come back to dead plants and animals. If I want to hang out with plants or animals I can just borrow other people's. It's like the "borrowing other people's children/boyfriends/husbands" thing. Very convenient and much less work.

But I'm getting off topic. What is a Naturalist Thinker? According to the test results:

1. "A Naturalist Thinker likes "to understand the natural world, and the living beings that inhabit it."
Tick! That sounds like me. I like to understand things. Quite possibly to an annoying extent.

2. "A Naturalist Thinker has "an aptitude for communicating with animals."
Yes. I am very good at telling animals to "go away." and "leave me alone." Just because I don't like most animals doesn't mean I don't have an aptitude for communicating with them.

3. "A Naturalist Thinker tries "to understand patterns of life and natural forces."
I am good at the patterns of life thing, and I like it. I could quite happily be a meteorologist, astronomer, geologist (don't laugh!), oceanographer, physicist etc.

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