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Friday, October 21, 2005

things to do in wellington

In a few weeks I will be visiting wellington for a few days. I will mostly be busy, but have some spare time.

I was wondering about things to do and places to eat/drink on a weekday and on a sunday and monday night. I don't like Te Papa.

About the only thing I definitely want to do is shopping on Cuba St...books, clothes etc.

I might check out the galleries and see if there are any shows, but I wasn't enthused enough to spend the weekend in wellington so I doubt I will be enthused enough to actually go to anything.

Dueing the day sneaking off to the Massey Memorial can be a plan - brillant view of the city from a secluded location.

The National Portrait Gallery in Bowen House often has some good stuff in it.
Cool! Those are things I haven't done before. I must remember my camera.
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