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Friday, April 15, 2005

Discoveries from the Runninghouse Gig

Do you like the photo? Yes it's blurry. My camera is not all that great. Nonetheless, The Studio is a very good venue.

It was a productive evening. I completely filled up my 256Mb card and I made some useful discoveries:

  1. Musicians aren't very good at standing/sitting still during live performances.

  2. When trying to take live band photos without stabilising aids and under the influence of destabilising substances, it is best to take photos during the songs that you like the least. Do not bother taking photos during your favourite songs. You will end up tapping your foot or swaying or moving in some way. And the already blurry photo (see Discovery 1) will end up even blurrier.

  3. If you keep sachets of tomato sauce in your bag, then it is best not to use your bag as a pillow.

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Hey, you were the only one who had JAKOB on your list, so i thought i´d say hi. Im here on the other side of the planet enjoying you r blog...he he. Yeah, hope all is well. love ALF LENNI.

People I don't know actually read this! That's a little freaky but very cool :-)
Is the jakob on your list the same as the jakob on my list? My Jakob: http://www.jakob.co.nz/
Really, the only pertinent question is, why do you keep tomato sauce in your purse?
Doesn't everyone?

I keep lots of random things in my bag. About 30% of the time I have tomato sauce sachets in my bag.
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