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Sunday, September 17, 2006

good reasons to ignore good advice #1

So there is the current wardrobe philosophy that says you should get rid of everything that doesn't fit you and that you haven't worn for x months. Because apparently if you are not wearing something now, you will never wear it again, and if you don't fit something now you will never fit into it again. It is accepted wisdom. It is also quite wrong.

All the women's magazines tell you about this. And I guess it also fits in with the general "get rid of clutter" thing (feng shui, gtd, general life organisation or whatever). I wonder if one of the reasons they tell you this is to encourage you to buy more new things? But that is a different topic.

I have never followed this sage advice. And I always feel a little guilty when I realise I have clothes stored from 10+ years ago - including clothes that I can't actually get into.

Well. I now feel much better about doing my own thing and ignoring the accepted wisdom about such matters.

I am working on item number 48 of my 101 Things - ie getting rid of clothes that don't fit and that I will never wear again.

And I am discovering that 90% of the clothes that I couldn't bear to part with and couldn't actually fit into for many years now fit!! And look good! And, because I have my own style that is not related to fashion trends, I can wear these clothes now!!! I am quite impressed with myself: I still like/love clothes that I bought 10+ years ago.

This old clothes discovery is a very very very good thing because:
a) I seem to have lost a lot of weight for no reason and my current clothes are mostly far too big now and I have been struggling to find clothes to wear and wondering what to do about the problem.
b) I don't have any money to buy new clothes - and even if I did, I really can't be bothered going shopping and spending money on clothes.
c) I really loved all those clothes that I stored and I am thrilled that I can wear them again!
d) I really do know what I am doing and I should continue to ignore sage advice.

So. In light of this discovery I am updating item number 48 to: get rid of clothes that don't fit unless I love them and may fit into them later, in which case I will store them.
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silly people

Goodness the silly Brash affair thing is annoying. OK. You asked for it. So I almost (but thought better of it) voted at Sir Humphreys like this:

I don't care about if Brash resigns, I just care about why he resigns. My vote is "Brash shouldn't have to resign because of a silly affair." Maybe he should resign for other reasons (such as not being able to do the job), but not for the alleged affair reason.

I don't understand why people are making such a fuss about it all. Well. No. I do understand, it's about sex and sin and people seem to be very interested in and opinionated and uptight about sex, particuarly when people are/aren't having the sort of sex that complete strangers think they should have with the people they think they should have it with. I am quite sure there would be more fuss if the affair was "sordid" and less fuss if he had done something less interesting like I don't know... steal.

And I don't think it is about morals at all. It is about people being annoyed that someone did not behave how they wanted them to. Isn't it? I am quite sure most people do not care about the actual morals of Brash and only care that he appears to act in a way that fits in with their own personal morals. Right? I mean, wouldnt everyone be quite happy if Brash had been spylike enough to not let anyone find out?

And I haven't read all the comments or been paying attention to the media. It's just not that interesting to me. Besides i am quite sure that no one except the parties involved know the whole story.

I really really really don't care about Brash's private life. I think an affair (was there actually an affair?) is a stupid reason to resign and that the whole thing is a silly fuss about something that is not as important as other more important things. Everyone lies and sins and breaks laws. Don't they? I mean, I would make an excellent prime minister and it is not totally inconceivable that I could be married and have what some people might call an affair.

Anway, don't people have better things to gossip about?
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Friday, September 15, 2006

101 Things in 1001 Days (or for as long as I feel like)

Here is my list of 101 Things.

Start date = 15 September 2006.

The first 25 are not for sharing. Yeah I know the tenses are confused. There is a reason.

26. I have paid off my credit card
27. I have paid off student loan
28. I have paid back all other loans
29. I am getting paid
30. I am getting paid my goal income or better
31. I only work the hours that I am paid for (for 4 weeks in a row)
32. I have my own company
33. My company does something or some things
34. Everyone who owes me money has paid me back
35. Unsubscribe from the unnecessary and unused
36. clear out uni email account
37. clear out gmail account
38. tidy up files on laptop
39. clean sofas
40. reorganize flickr account
41. make a list of all my blogs
42. fix blogs

43. All the USB ports on my laptop are working
44. All my cds/data are backed up and organised
45. My Phd stuff is cleared out, sorted out and stored.
46. All my digital photos are archived
47. I have sold or given away all the books I don’t want
48. I have sold or given away all clothes that I won’t ever wear again unless I absolutely love them
49. I have gotten rid of all shoes that I will never wear again
50. I have sorted out all my stuff into sell/give/throw away and keep pile
51. I have sold/given/thrown away everything in the sell/give/throw away piles
52. All my cds are in storage
53. I have returned all cds that are not mine
54. I have returned all books that are not mine
55. I know whether my video player works or not
56. I have a copy of Doomsday on dvd
57. I own a digital slr

58. I have been to the dentist
59. I have new glasses and/or contacts

60. visit grandmother
61. visit mother

62. get a surfing lesson/s
63. go on a surf holiday
64. see the mars volta live
65. see the queens of the stone age live
66. go to a music festival or gig/concert overseas (not NZ or Australia)
67. go to every art gallery within 1km radius at least once
68. get a professional massage
69. do the waikaremoana lake walk
70. go to a classical concert
71. try rock-climbing
72. dye hair
73. straighten hair
74. get a tattoo
75. try 3 new dance classes
76. visit Greece
77. kayak around Mediterranean
78. visit South America
79. go snowboarding

80. learn how to do yoga
81. regular (5 days/week) pilates/yoga/dance for 2 months
82. I can do right leg splits
83. I can do left leg splits
84. I can do 10 real press ups in a row
85. drink a glass of water every morning for 60 days in a row
86. go to work drinks at least once
87. I smile at everyone I see/meet/talk to (for a week)

88. finish 5 paintings
89. plug my bass in and play it for at least 15 minutes
90. I can play the moonlight sonata on keyboard/piano
91. write a WHOLE song complete and final and finished
92. make a webpage
93. make a webmap
94. do a complete astrological chart/reading for someone other than me
95. do a tarot reading for someone other than me
96. sit in albert park for a day reading and people watching and picnicking and taking photos
97. throw 5 parties
98. make a tarot covers/cases for the decks without covers/cases
99. sell my bead stuff or make something with it
100. read the last 2 books in the grigori series
101. find the 1st book in the grigori series
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1 in 10

I like this 101 Things in 1001 Days idea very much. Thanks Michael!

However, it is too much right at now. So. I am going to do 1 thing in 10 days.

I wonder what I should do? Hmmm... something easy.

OK. Got it. Here is the list (can it be a list if there is only one thing on it?)

1. Write a draft list of potential things to put on the 101 things list.

And people think I procrastinate...
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

the mars volta are coming!

in a few months.

in other news i like "godspeed you! black emperor's" album "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven"
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

why oh why are we so in denial...

..when we know we're not happy here

Late is better than never. I absolutely love this cover of Hey Ya! (by Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker). I came across it while looking for the Polyphonic Spree's cover of Lithium (also great).
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