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Monday, November 27, 2006

collision of minds

So I have been doing flaky reading and "research" into flaky spiritual stuff. One of the key ideas I have recently come across is the Multiverse.

Then I come across this post about the Many Worlds Interpretation (aka Multiverse) of Quantum Physics (thanks Chefen!).

I adore synchronicities and I have always been very fond of what I think quantum physics is (which may be completely different from what it actually is because I find all those articles and books about it quite tiresome to wade through).

Now I admit that I didn't carefully read the "flaky" theory of the Multiverse either. It seemed rather tedious as well. I just made up what I thought it sounded like and added it to my philipsophy/cosmology. Details schmetails.

Yeah. So I guess this is a post about nothing really. I guess I just like my idea of the multiverse and like that it has come up synchronously and I like it when spirit and science collide. Or at least when I imagine they do.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

radiant souls!

I found this cool site: SpiritLibrary , which is a RadiantSouls project.

The library contains channeled information from a variety of sources. Very easy to read, search, use! And very pretty too!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

delicious link

This looks like a super cool hotel!

I particularly like this room and this room and this room.

Oh and this one.

And this one.

And how could I forget this.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

green thing

I am going through a green phase at the moment, specifically apple green. I have been painting a huge painting that consists of only the one colour paint (apple green) and now I have invented a brilliant and yummy green "recipe" for "dinner." Although of course it doesn't involve cooking or anything much at all and it would be just as good for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or as a snack.

1. Chop up 3 apples, leaving the skin on.
I used granny smith apples because they are green and they match my painting and the limes, but I suppose you could use other types of apple if you really wanted to.
2. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime over the apples.

The End.

I had intended to freeze the apples (with lime quarters) but I made the mistake of tasting it first and could not stop eating. So maybe I will make some more and see what freezing does. It probably does bad things to apples. Where are the apple food scientists when you need them?! I probably ought not wake them up in the middle of the night just to ask about this.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

101 Things Update

I have been paid!! Finally. Yay! What a relief.

So. I have now completed these list items:
26. I have paid off my credit card
29. I am getting paid

Unfortunately item number 64 (see the mars volta live) is further away. How disappointing! It was the thing I was looking forward to. And I don't even know if I will want to go see them in March.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dreaming - reply to lucyna

Silly computer. I can't post a comment to my own blog. Nevermind. I suppose Mercury is still retrograde (communication & technical problems). And the work phones/networks have been very very dodgy as well. Anyway, I am getting off-track. Here is my reply to Lucyna's comment from the post before this one. Chefen is right, she does have a talent for starting very interesting conversations!

Words that are in italics are lucyna's. Words that aren't are mine. Warning it is long and waffly and probably very boring for anyone only interested in the nitty gritty of material life. And probably very annoying for people who like things black and white with definite opinions and answers.

Well, on some level you are correct in that life is just a part of a much greater reality

Well, I think that you and I believe so. Maybe other people don't? Or maybe other people are not as interested in thinking about it? Hard to tell and I guess it does not matter ;)

I think what gets me going on comparing life to a dream is the implication that nothing we do matters, just like in a dream nothing matters particularly much.
Ah. I think I see where you are coming from now! Yes we have different philosophies and views on this. I am not very good with the middle of the road stuff. My view is both that nothing matters and that everything matters. Which confuses people (especially logical rational scientists) and makes it hard to explain and so I don't often try. Although it is not exactly "nothing matters and everything matters," those are just the best words I can find at the moment to describe what I think/feel. All these sorts of ideas are like concept clouds in my head. They are more feelings/knowings. I don't think about these things in words, so it is hard to translate. Or perhaps it is beyond words? Perhaps that is why there is so much metaphor and analogy, which adds to the confusion and disagreements around spirtuality and religion - we are trying to use everyday language to describe something that is beyond language? I find it easier to paint these ideas. Or just think them quietly to myself.

I like the "nothing matters" part because I think that many people are very concerned and focused on things that do not actually matter. I sometimes get caught up and obsess about things that are not that important.

Life is far more real than that - what we do can have very permanent consequences
I agree. Everything we do has consequences. I would even go so far as to say that everything we think and feel has consequences. I guess where we might differ is that I think dreams are real too and have consequences, and that the "bigger dream" is real and has consequences. So there are different levels of reality,and different levels of consequences and different levels of things mattering.... hmm...

And so permanence is relative. What is permanent in the dream, is not permanent in real life. And if real life is like a dream in that there is a greater reality, perhaps what is permanent here is not permanent "out there." Which would make sense if you believe in everlasting life and that death is only the body dying, not the soul. Although perhaps it is not supposed to "make sense."

Hmmm.. have not thought about this before... so this is just what is popping out of my fingers as I type... interesting...

You can kill someone close to you in a dream, and the next morning you wake up and they are very much alive as an example
Yes! Although I am sure we will interpret this differently :)
I think that the consequences of killing someone in a dream are only effective (not the right word) in the dream, ie if you kill someone in a dream then they are only dead in the dream (unless you have weird dreams like I do). But in the dream you often would not know that they are not really dead and that it is only a dream (unless you are good at dreaming like you are). But the consequences of what you do in the dream also ripple out into real life. I know if I had a dream about killing someone I would feel/think and maybe behave differently in "real life" because of it. It would make me question things and look more closely at my life and maybe change things.

Perhaps saying that life is like a dream is questioning what we mean by permanence.

Having said all that I think that it is important to do the best you can regardless of whether it is a dream or real life or wherever you find yourself. But I also believe that everyone is doing their best anyway. So therefore it does not really matter. It's one of those duality things again.

I also believe that people should do/stand up for what is important to them. Which is why I like reading what you write and discussing things with you. I like that you have firm beliefs and stand up for them. I do not have to believe the same thing, although I suspect many of our beliefs overlap and we just have different interpretations of things. For example, I would not call myself "Christian" because my interpretation of what Jesus said is very different from most other people's. But I am choosing to believe in and follow what he is said to have said (interpreted in my own way) so I am not exactly not a Christian either.

I like the idea that we are in exile here, this is not our natural reality but it is one we have to live in and it is one we have to succeed in to get back to where our true home is
This is a common theme among all religions isn't it? I like this idea too but I don't think of it as exile. I think of it as we are here to play. Or perhaps I should say I am here to play and have fun and learn. I also think of "true home" as more of a state or another dimension rather than a place that you travel in space to go to. The home metaphor is good though. It is hard to think in those extra dimensions!

These beliefs suit me at the moment. I am quite sure they would not suit everyone. That's OK. By the same token other people's beliefs are not necessarily good for me. Which reminds me of another couple of quotes (paraphrased) I like at the moment:
Beliefs are just thoughts you think a lot.
It does not matter what you believe because what is true is not dependent on your belief and it will be true regardless.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

nursery rhyme wisdom

row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream
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Friday, November 03, 2006

oh dear

Oh dear. I have been very very calmly (and somewhat bemusedly - some people have very strange brains!) following that pagan christianity secular science thing thread at Sir Humphreys. It is like when people drive past a car crash. I can't stop myself from looking out of morbid curiosity. Fortunately I have been able to stop myself from commenting, which is a very good thing. Bob seems to be of the opinion that I should tell people what I think/believe. But really there is not an awful lot of point most of the time. Especially when it comes to spiritual stuff. Most people just wouldn't get it.

Science. Religion. Paganism. Christianity. Hedonism.

Yeah. All those are cool. I pick all of the above. Well maybe not "christianity" but the stuff jesus taught. And maybe not "paganism" but some of those beliefs. They seem to be pretty much the same thing anyway.
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