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Saturday, October 22, 2005

TV Listings

It is a rainy long weekend and I am thinking either I go buy Firefly on DVD and pray that my dvd player works after dropping it on the ground several times or maybe I will watch some TV for a change.

So I go to my favourite tv listing page (a nice simple, easy to read table of the programmes for all tv channels) and find that TVNZ told them to stop. Apparently you have to pay to publish TV listings or some such silliness. There is a Listener article by Russell Brown about the issue here if you want details.

How annoying.

This means I have to go to the TVNZ website if I want to find out what is on. I don't mind the TV3 website, but I intensely dislike the TVNZ website. There is no way I am going to visit it to find programme schedules.

The solution is to continue to not watch TVNZ, which I am sure is no great loss. I wonder if this is their intended outcome?

Perhaps join a DVD store and rent Firefly?

I borrowed a copy and we are watching an episode a night. It's good. It's a nice lead in to the upcoming movie.

TV usually ends up feeling like aq time waster for me. Too many adverts.
An episode a night is very restrained!

I have just bought the Firefly box set. It is on it's way :) I think it will work out cheaper than renting in the long run. I'm sure I will like it. If I don't it can be a christmas present for someone.

Am really looking forward to Serenity!
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