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Sunday, May 20, 2007

jean stress

My goodness clothes shopping is stressful! And jean shopping is even more stressful, especially when you haven't bought jeans for over 8 years and have no clue what size you are or what brands/styles fit/suit you.

So it is winter. And apparently my weight is still dropping or my clothes are being stretched by elves in the middle of the night. And I am getting sick of pulling things up and wearing clothes that don't fit. So last week I finally succumbed and went shopping for jeans and other clothes. Ick! I HATE malls. No wonder I have been putting it off. And most of the clothes are ugly besides. Anyway I only managed to find an OK pair of jeans that will do for work before I couldn't stand it anymore and had to run away and recuperate. It is such a pity that I can't try things on online.

So the clothing problem is not solved. And neither is the jean problem.

And I was thinking that skinny jeans are so very ugly, but maybe it is just that they don't look that great on most body types. Maybe I can get away with it. Because I am VERY attracted to the hot pink drainpipes I found surfing whilst surfing the interweb for jean wisdom. I wonder if I can get away with that.

try www.zafu.com, they make personalized recommendations for jeans
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