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Friday, June 01, 2007


There are too many social webby things for me to keep track of... facebook, friendster, flickr, that music one, geni, linkedin, twitter, jaiku, and the others I can't remember off the top of my head and the others that I have registered for and forgotten... and then the slightly less "networky" interwebby things like the blogs (I forget how many I have now) and the newsreaders (again several, none of which I use) and lots lots more... eek!

Take last.fm for example. A couple of people mentioned it today and I thought "oooh, that sounds very cool, I should register!" Well. It turns out I have registered. In 2005. Woops. Then the inevitable trying to remember my password (no I don't trust password banks) etc... and then realising why I don't use it... voila! a whole couple of hours wasted. Yeah. I exaggerate, maybe an hour at the most.

Maybe I should boycott all of them. Or at least pose the question "how does this enhance my life?"

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