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Monday, August 01, 2005


Frank asked if I was considerate of other people. Why would he ask such a thing? Surely he knows what a considerate person I am?

Anyway, I said no. After all I am attempting to be a selfish inconsiderate bitch. I have been improving. I no longer immediately jump up and get things for people before they even realise they need/want them. Sometimes I wait before getting them. Sometimes I don't even get them at all.

And I have never liked helping little old ladies or people stuck in the cold rainy weather. So that's not a problem.

But just now when I went to make myself a cup of tea I saw there was only one teabag left. Now I really wanted tea, but I left the teabag in case someone else wanted tea more than me. I am drinking coffee, which is not really what I wanted. That's just silly consideration isn't it? I should go have that last cup of tea.

Things you should most definitely take: the last teabag, the last piece of cake, the last concert ticket.
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