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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I was all excited because I heard that Don Brash (the Leader of the opposition) said something sexist about Helen Clark (the Prime Minister) after last nights debate (which I didn't watch).

Aside: Frank (a Labour) supporter reckons Helen won the debate. Bob (a National supporter) reckons Don won the debate. I conclude it was probably very boring. Certainly much less interesting than the 60 minutes story on the Children of God.

I am very disappointed to find out that all Don Brash said was
"Well, I think it's not entirely appropriate for a man to aggressively attack a woman and I restrained myself for that reason,"
and some other similarly innocuous stuff.

That's it? Seriously? And women are upset about that? There is a news story about that? Elephant.

What universe are other people living in?

I do recall a time when rulers were fair and spoke a well turned phrase. T'would seem as if the gentleman hath indeed a true and chivalrous heart.

For which one should commend rather than condemn.
Indeed. Chivalry seems to be under-rated.
1) I wonder how many people would confuse chivalry with sexism. Far too many, most likely.

2) Elephant?
the children of god thing was FULL ON. especially with the theatrical revelation that the murder-suicide dude was DAVIDITO!! i mean dude! how could you do that to your kid!?

1) Yeah chivalry and manners aren't offensive to me, but I imagine they would be to quite a few people. It might be a good topic for a future post.

2) No idea :)

Yeah I was veyr impressed with the theatrical revelation. They did htat extremely well! :)
It seems Don is being sexist because he refused to be ill-mannered. The issue here is Helen Clark's behaviour, not Don's. Sadly, the media have it back to front. Fortunately, many people have not.

Had he got aggressive, he would no doubt be suffering for that too.

In the spirit of equality, I'd like to point out that Dr Cullen, also from the Labour party was pretty rude in a recent debate, and Dr Cullen's wife, a Labour supporter by all accounts, was heckling ACT MP Rodney Hide and Don Brash in a recent televised debate. Tamihere said a few rude things a while back. Dover Samuels pissed in a hotel corridor rather than use the toilets in the lobby. Benson-Pope stands accused of being a bully.

Maybe its just the Labour ranks?
>>What universe are other people >>living in?

I'd say, a universe in which a lame kneejerk excuse for not doing better in a political debate is looked upon with contempt, scorn and amusement.

C'mon people! He's a politician!. We don't expect the truth out them at any other time, so why now? :-/

Does anyone actually believe Don wasn't doing his damndest to use the debate to garner as many votes as possible? If I was a National Party supporter, I'd be pretty pissed off if I thought Don wasn't doing his level best to win the debate, social-niceties or no social niceties... But I don't believe that for a second.
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