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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hello Blog

Frank noted that I haven't posted anything to my blog in a while. Since Wednesday to be exact.

I have excuses (not that I feel I need to write anything). I have been busy. I won't go into detail, but "busy" consists of various stupid self-inflicted crises, parties, drinking, and being hungover. There wasn't a lot of sleep involved, which is why this post is a rambling mess.

Things I learned in the weekend:
I am not totally crap at poker. But I am not great either.
I am very good at drinking. The hangovers were pretty mild and more lack-of-sleep than alcohol induced.
I am still very bad at rolling cigarettes.

I might post something more thoughtful a little later. Or not.

Maybe I am getting over my blog addiction...

Yes, once you get past the initial compulsion to post every passing thought in your head, it becomes far too easy to simply let this thing lie unattended and, oh I don't know, get on with life...

1) Props on the drinking skills.

2) Practice rolling and it'll come to you. A skill well worth cultivating.
hills and valleys, hills and valleys.
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