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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lemur Feeds; Packing Lists; and DON'T Google It

I have nothing to write here. All my thought and energy has gone into several long and fascinating email conversations. I said some very insightful things. I am quite pleased with myself.

Anyway these delicious links caught my eye today:

Lemurs! Google feeds of search results from "Lemurs"? Hmmm...

Apparently packing/travelling is popular right now. If I ever get around to travelling these links might be handy: The Universal Packing List and One Bag: The Art and Science of Travelling Light.

Then there is this: Google It You Moron. No! No! No! Much as I profess to worshiping google, I am not sure I like the way that the first thing everyone does when they have a question is to google it. I wonder just how powerful google is? I wonder what happens when nobody talks anymore because google knows everything?

It reminds me of how Bob gets annoyed with me sometimes for asking "stupid questions" like what a word means. Apparently I am supposed to be googling it (or looking it up in a real live dictionary). I get annoyed with Bob because I am asking him because I want to know what he thinks the word means. If I wanted to know what the dictionary thinks it means I would be asking the dictionary.

"I wonder what happens when nobody talks anymore because google knows everything?"

Hmm, good question. I'll add it to my list of things to google and get back to you on that one.
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