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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Shihad live at Aotea Square

Shihad at Aotea Square

Woohooo!!!! Shihad have their real name back and they continue to rock. It poured with rain for a while and I got drenched, but it was worth it. Hopefully the rest of NZ Music Month will continue in a similar vein minus the rain.

Shihad at Aotea Square

I missed the first few songs because I had to go back and get my camera.I'm not sure if it was worth it though. I have decided that I need a camera that is a) waterproof, and b) has a better zoom. My current zoom is nowhere near good enough. I'm not one to brave moshpits or security guards just to get a good photo.

Shihad at Aotea Square

The new material sounds like it is worth owning a copy of. I will probably go out and buy Love is the New Hate as soon as my finances improve.

Shihad at Aotea Square

Apparently Jon Toogood had his photo taken with Helen Clark today. Ummm. Yay? From various comments I have heard I suspect that a lot of musicians are Labour supporters. I feel a little traitorous not being a Helen Clark/Labour supporter. I mean, not only am I a musician and a supporter of NZ Music, but I am also an artist and a supporter of the various arts.

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