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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lionel Ritchie, Chilli Tim Tams, and Feedburner


On Friday I saw these delicously vintage Lionel sketchbooks for sale on Champion and restrained myself from buying them. However, I visited Champion HQ last night, and seeing the sketchbooks in real life was too much! I ended up buying both.

Thanks to dontcom for creating them and also for introducing me to Chocolate Chilli Tim Tams and Feedburner.

The Chilli Tim Tams are delicious, and although I haven't gotten around to looking at Feedburner yet, I am sure it will be fantastic too. I love rss and feeds and not having to bookmark things and remember to return to websites! I love having a piece of software remember what I think is cool and keep me updated on the cool things.

He's not as bad as the Hoff, who recently was awarded some German music award. Good grief.
Bad?!! You think Lionel Ritchie is "not as bad as the Hoff"?! What sort of comparison is that? Lionel is a legend and the Hoff is well...the Hoff.

Oh well. Maybe I have crap taste in music.
At the very least, eclectic.

I wouldn't rule out madness however.
Why thank you! Eclectic and mad both appeal :-)
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