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Thursday, June 15, 2006

metamorphosis one

That music! Wow! It is stunning. Melancholy and intense and beautiful. Exactly my kind of music.

You know the music I am talking about... from epsiode two of season two. It is called Metamorphosis One, and it is composed by Philip Glass and you can find it on his album called Solo Piano. Thank you interweb. Without you I wouldn't even know what it was and I wouldn't have it playing right now, ten minutes after thinking "I must have this."

Metamorphosis One... how appropriate.

I have that on CD. And I have the piano sheet music for it as well. It's very meditative to play, but for those who aren't into that style of music (like the rest of my family), listening to someone play it can be annoying.

Metamorphosis IV is my favorite one. Or is it III...? One of those was used in the soundtrack to the documentary "The Thin Blue Line".
Sheet music! What a good idea. I must acquire it and get my keyboard back :)

Is it just me or to 1 and 5 sound v. similar?
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