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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I don't get it

Admittedly my brain is utter Garbage at the moment and it is probably obvious to everyone else and I get the feeling I should know better and that I am being an Idiot. But I don't get this:

If the Ceylons can hack a network of fuddy duddy computers that they are not connected to, why can't they hack into the individual fuddy duddy computers that they are not connected to?

If by hacking you mean figuring out how to control a designated computer through its network interfaces with other computers, then obviously someone can't hack something which doesn't have network interfaces.

Of course you can use electronic warfare etc to disrupt signals, and you could smuggle in an agent to infect the individual machines.
i mean how can the ceylons hack the bsg "network" if they don't have an interface into it? cause in series 2 episode 1 they dd
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