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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

let them marry chairs?!

So the Marriage topic has popped up again at Sir Humphreys. This time it is the Gay Marriage flavour.

Until just now I have been studiously ignoring it, because I really do not care at the moment. And because I have expressed my opinion extensively in the past. Oh. Wait. I have just searched my blog. It is probably more accurate to say that I have gone on and on and on and on and on and on about the topic in the past.

Of course. I am a completely different person from when I wrote those posts. I will go re-read them and see if I still agree with myself.

Interestingly I chose to be on the "Pro" gay marriage side this time. This is what I said:

I don't really care. But if I have to choose, then I choose "Pro" because what does it really matter? If people want to marry someone of the same sex let them. If people want to marry more than one person let them. If people want to marry chairs let them.

It is interesting because I used to be quite the fence-sitter. Bob thinks I am lacking commitment and Bob thinks I am ungrounded, indecisive, flake who never gets anything done. I think they are quite wrong. Just because I don't do/think/believe/behave like they/society want me to does not mean I am any of those things. Some things that are important to everyone else are just not important to me. And vice versa.

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