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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

fence sitting is for thinkers and questioners

Yet another post. This is what I get for participating, I should've just ignored it all.

Anyway, Zen raised some very good questions about the gay marriage thingamyjig (how do you spell that?).

It's like what I usually do... never decide about something because I'm always asking annoying questions "what do you mean by that?" and "what if?" and "why?" Because naturally the answer always depends on more than just the question and everyone knows (well they don't, but perhaps they ought to) that there is more than one Truth.

Somewhere along the way I have changed. I wonder why I am quite willing to not fence sit (on this issue at least). I speculate that it might be one of these things:
1. I don't care (very likely)
2. I am experimenting with extremes (possible)
3. My brain is not working at the moment (very likely)
4. I am tired (true)
5. I am really 100% Pro Gay marriage (impossible to give this a probability)
6. My current state (definitely)
7. Not my problem (likely)
8. The entire argument/question does not fit in with my life viewpoint (extremely likely - I find it difficult to answer the question because it doesn't really make sense from where I sit)
9. I am crazy (true and false)

I found that a tough one myself, mainly because the whole concept of marriage is not one that's ever appealed to me...

It reminded me a bit of what Bill Hicks said when he was asked about the 'gays in the military' issue...

"Gays in the military . . . here's how I feel about it, alright? Anyone... DUMB! enough... to WANT to be in the military, should be allowed in. End of fucking story. That should be the ONLY requirement."

Which is a little harsh, I feel, (but funny!)

Nevertheless, one quick exercise in empathy later, and I'm suddenly understanding gay people for who marriage is an important thing to. And after I do that I just feel, well, why the hell not?

Whether they're a minority or not, their right to do something must weigh a helluva lot more than the rights of other people to stop them doing something...

I see this one as rightfully having nothing to do... with those it has nothing to do with!

Anyway, I like the way you (painstakingly!) examined why you responded in the way you did. We should all do that from time to time.
I like that Hicks quote!

I will have to revisit this whole issue because I think I am over the over-reacting :) I still agree with myself though!
Hello again. Nice to see you back. I am finding this a tough question, and have ended up on the fence for the moment.

I've just tried to explain why somewhere deep on that thread over there, so I wont go through it all again here.

Suffice to say, after lots of deep thinking, the way is not clear to me....
There is nothing wrong with fence-sitting!
I kinda like those broad stone walls to sit on, rather than the picket fences with pointy bits.

But, yeah, this is cool.
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