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Monday, June 12, 2006

odd day

Odd day.

I had a sleepless night, tossing and turning. I am not a morning person. Usually I have to drag myself out of bed at 8:30. But today I am wide awake at 6am and panicking with these thoughts running through my head:

Something is going to happen. I wish Bob was here. I must get out of here. I wish I wasn't alone. No, I am being silly. It is not even that stormy. There is no rain. No, I must get up and get out and find people. There are no people to find. There is no one to call. No. I am being silly. Nothing is wrong. I wish I wasn't alone. I wish I had someone to call.

So I lie in bed trying to ignore the voice in my head which keeps getting louder and louder and I get more and more scared for no good reason. Eventually it gets too much, so I get out of bed, have a quick shower, throw on some clothes and go to work.

I am not usually at work at 7am, so I am surprised to see there are quite a few people there. It feels safer to be around people.

I work for a bit. Then sometime around 8:30 we have a major power blackout.

I really hope that was what was bothering me.

I'm glad I woke up and was at work ridiculously early. I'm glad I was with people who knew what was going on. If I had been home alone I would've been in a state. Blackout + storm + being woken up early in the morning with DANGER thoughts and feelings + home alone with no communication and no one to call anyway = panicky terrified suze.

Anyway, I sat at work for a few hours listening to the updates and doing nothing then I came home. Home has power. Work doesn't. Cool. I suppose I ought to locate my torch and batteries - I know they must be somewhere... I am not as well prepared as I ought to be. I don't have a radio and my torch is misplaced and I don't have a landline and my mobile is unreliable. Although I do have candles and water and food and alcohol and a gas cooker. It could be worse.
Although it would be nice to have someone to celebrate the storm and unexpected day off with.

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