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Sunday, May 28, 2006

thursday delays

So there have been some big releases from some big bands recently. And I have been unmoved. Instead, I have been thrashing my two recent discoveries. I think both these albums are brilliant:

Thursday - A City By the Light Divided
Thursday are emo/post-hardcore. I LOVE this album. It is intense and beautiful and aggresive and delicate. It resonates. It draws me in. Wow. If only I could find a person like this album.

Delays - You See Colours
Delays are brit-pop/indie-rock. This album makes me smile. All the very catchy songs sound so familiar on first listen, like I've heard them hundreds of times before. Not particularly deep or intense, but beautiful and grazing familiar nostalgic surfaces.

I am quite sure, both of these will remain in my all time favourites for a long time.

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