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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

gift buying ickiness

I have an engagement gift to buy (I also have a wedding gift to buy, but that is for my brother so it can wait till I am inspired and have money). I hate buying engagement/wedding gifts. They are silly things.

Anyway, I thought the interweb might be able to help me. It wasn't at all helpful. I found lots and lots of really cool things that I could buy for me. I found lots of expensive things. But I didn't find anything within my budget that the couple in question would like. It is hard because the couple in question probably earn 5-6 times as much as I do. Usually in such cases, a thoughtful gift is appropriate. But I realised I have no clue as to what the couple in question would like. A thoughtful gift is completely out of the question.

OK, well, if thoughtful's out, and expensive is out... then I think your only remaining option (apart from nicking something - this is tricky on the internet) is to get something cheap that looks expensive. It's what I'd do.
Completely off-topic comment here (I have no clue what kind of wedding gifts to get -- in the NY area, money is always a standard gift), but it's just nice to see you back.
thanks cheezy. good suggestion!

thanks david. we'll see how long this lasts.
Try a shop called "Creative NZ" (I think, I'll dig up the name and mail ya). They have a branch in Botany Downs; might be elsewhere to.

They sell a wooden photo box. It has a honeycomb sleeved style pattern inside, makes it easy to find and sort photos and the lid has glass insets so you can put your favourite photos on there.

It holds a few hundred photos and is a brilliant gift for engagement/wedding style couples.

Another suggestion for a thoughtful gift (And I kid you not) is to go to a second hand bookshop and find a real copy of the Kama Sutra. (Not the cheap reprints, find something decent looking). That has the look and feel of authenticity, coupled with a few cheap incense sticks, some oil and so forth and you've made a wonderfully suggestive honeymoon gift :)
thanks llama!
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