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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where are my pamphlets?

It's getting quite close to the election. Just over a week. Yet I still haven't received any political junk mail!!!

It is very disappointing. Suburban friends have been happily defacing political pamphlets for weeks now. I want to know where mine are. How am I supposed to decide who to vote for without pamphlets?

Anyway today I received my voting pack which is good cause it has a list of the candidates for my electorate. It is quite surprising that there are so many candidates I haven't even heard of. There is a candidate called Petronella. That is an interesting name, maybe I will vote for her...

On a similar topic...I haven't seen any ads on tv either...which may be just as well.

Anyway the exciting news is that I have chosen my voting location: the High Court. Maybe we should have a pre or post voting celebratory drink.

definitely!! we can toast to the exercise of our democratic rights and freedoms!
Polling booth drinking games? It could put a whole new slant on exit-polls...

Anyways, there are plenty of Green party leaflets littering our street, I can pick some up for you if you want those. I've also received about six copies of the red one, not quite sure who they belong to as I can't really identify the person painted onto it.
tcm: I like the idea of voting/polling/booth/election night drinking games.

And you've given me an idea wrt the pamplets...
Ooooh. Me? A muse? How delightful. Are you going to share?
It is just an idea at this stage. I will share if it coalesces into something tangible.

I need to go collect some propa pamphlets first...
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