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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hymn For Her

So Bob sends me the lyrics to his new favourite song: Hymn for Her by The Magic Numbers.
Oh my lover won't you get away?
Love or loathe, I need to feel again
It won't hurt to find love in the wrong place
I've been hurt before, but all the scars have rearranged
It won't hurt to choose the path that we all walk along
A beautiful song. Interesting lyrics. They could mean anything. I like lyrics like that.

And I am thinking...isn't love often found in the "wrong place"? But the "wrong place" is always the best place because isn't love just a way to force you onto the right path? If you find love somewhere, then it is so not the wrong place.

That's my current thought anyway...

it depends whose "wrong place" you are talking about. no matter how "right" the love you have found is, someone out there will tell you it's wrong.

ignore the wrongsayers and follow the love down its path i say!
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