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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random Boring Things

I am tired. Too tired to write anything interesting. It is a good tired though - I think it is just a way of recovering from recent intense and emotionally draining events. It is nice not having to do anything (except work) this week.

I have my bass rig back. As soon as I feel not tired I will get my bass out and play something.

Hymn for Her is on continual repeat at work.

As for politics and the election. I'm just not that interested. Although I do think it is interesting that a lot of the people I talk to who would usually vote Labour are becoming less and less impressed with Labour and more and more likely to vote for someone else. It is particularly interesting because many of these people stand to benefit from Labour policies.

I don't usually express my political opinion to people. I save that for this blog and those few who genuinely ask. To date only two people who asked my opinion on politics and who I was voting for and why. Both of them are traditional Labour voters. I told them my very unclear and vague thoughts and I am quite surprised that they seem to have shifted from definitely Labour to other/Act as a result. It is not like I was trying to get them to change, especially because I am not convinced myself.

Oh and the Labour website has changed for the worse, while the Act website has changed for the better.

Thus far ACT is the only party that caters for Chinese voters as well with their website and a decent candidate chosen on merit rather than political expediency in Kenneth Wang.

As the Chinese are soon to be our third largest population group it's good to see that some of our parties have not quite ignored them.

A lot of the Chinese voters I've spoken to have felt completely left out and treated as second class citizens.

But yippee! You have converted two more to the fold. Soon we will rule the universe! (And from the Labour camp, nogals)
Yay for bass rigs :)

I'm not thrilled with my old Peavey combo amp at home, but at the rehearsal studio, they have a G-K head with an Ampeg cab that I want to marry.

Tonight we get to hear the new potential singer for the first time. Should be interesting, as none of the rest of us can sing worth a damn.
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