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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Ears Hurt

Thanks to that one screechy keyboard chord from Ghostplane. Ouch!

I really liked Ghostplane. Hot!
They had variety and instrument swapping. I would pay go see them again.

The bass player had a TU-2 and a Prunes & Custard. My ideal set-up. It was funny watching the guitarist borrow the tuner before they started. It brought back memories... Elephant.

I quite liked Mestar too. Especially the bass player.

Anyway...I am very glad I stayed around for the bands tonight. I almost left early.

je ne sais pas
Hey Suze, can't find an email for you, but thought you might enjoy this new site from a friend of mine.

No, not spam. It's the tincanman. :)
Thanks tcm! The Old Ways looks like my kind of blog :)

btw I have gotten organised. Email is brightcopperkettles@gmail.com
Yip, the lady running it is incredible astute. She knows more about the spirit world (Honestly) than anybody I've ever met.
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