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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Or trying to. "Swinging wildly" might be a more accurate description.

There has been some excellent advice.

Write down what you want.
Say it out loud.
Listen to your reactions and your body.
Extend your timeframe.
Watch your diet.
Ask for clarfification in your dreams.

I have started on these things, but I am getting stuck on the what I want and sticking to it. Things are a little unstable here.

Six hours ago I had a plan. It was a good, workable plan. I was pleased with myself, and I was working through the first steps on the plan.
Two hours ago I had a little setback and I hated my plan and my life again. Two hours ago I was crying and mentally screaming.
Thirty minutes ago I calmed down and now I am philosophical and calm again.

I wonder if I have a mental disorder or if it is just the Universe rocking the boat so to speak. It is a bit disconcerting. Or maybe it's because I have incorrectly identified what I want and my subconcious is rebelling.

I will ask for more clarification tonight.

Pulling back at this point to recoup would be a good idea. There's no rush.
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