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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mind Dump: Blogging My Thesis?

OK. Now I am forcing myself to think about my thesis. It is close enough to my next thesis meeting (ie less than 24 hours) that I can ignore the fascinating distractions on the interweb like this, and this, and this...but I digress.

Today I came across someone who used their blog as a research notebook. I think they may actually be researching blogs. I didn't read any of their posts so I don't know what they are researching. Perhaps it is an idea I could steal. All my words seem to be coming out here. Maybe I could blog about my thesis instead of about random butterflies.

Although this is a rather public forum. I mean people might know if I went back and crossed things out and changed my mind. People might point me to vital information. People might know about my stupid mistakes. People might spark some good ideas. People might steal things and people might help me. So many good and/or bad things to consider.

As well as using my most recent obsession (ie blogs) to help progress my thesis. Perhaps I could use my not so recent but still current obsessions as well. Those obsessions would be: tagging, rss, flickr, photography and the general folksonomy thing. A while ago I came across spatial annotation projects and research. I think it may have been at Elastic Space. I have come across many marginally related things. and at the moment it is all a vague amorphous cloud of ideas floating around in my head. I'm not sure whether to leave it to cook for a while longer, or whether to try and force it into something tangible.

my dear - 37signals loves you and your thesis planning:
Thanks. It looks useful. Although irritating at the moment because the reminders aren't working, and having got today's thesis meeting wrong, I need to remind myself for next week.
The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up.
So what was the outcome, 24 hours having passed?
Oh. The outcome was I got the time wron :) so the meeting was rescheduled to this week.

Of course, that meant I immediately stopped all thesis work, and I will probably leave till the night before...or tonight maybe, but I seem to be in a painting mood so that will take precedence.
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