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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ignore This. Do Not Read. For Suze Only: Watchdog

The following post is for me only. It is boring. Don't read the rest of it. Stop here.

This is interesting and I need to store it somewhere and I cannot think of an appropriate delicious tag and I am having trouble with backpack and if you are reading this why are you reading this?

Who Watches the Watchdog?
Issue twelve, 16th May 2005

The New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists.

via The Scroll of Emptiness

So yeah, if you have read this far I'd like to know why? :-) And I'd like to know if the title made you read the post. Might as well turn this into an experiment...

Well, duh, if you say don't look but put it somewhere that I can look, of course I'm gonna look.

Kinda like my telling you, "Don't think about a purple cow!" There, I bet you thought of one...
It was a furry purple cow :)

I guess it's like that advice to always write affirmations in the positive.

But I was thinking. Surely there would be some outliers who wouldn't look? Or perhaps people who do what they are told? I don't think I know any such people though and I am not going to find them with this experiment.

BTW the link is not totally boring.
Don't worry, the people that don't look are boring. The link was not.
I found you in my referrers, I had to read the post to see what you were referring to :)
Apparently everyone reads this post :-)
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