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Saturday, May 14, 2005

I don't have time for this

A guess-timated breakdown of where my 168 hours went this week:

Sleep = 65 hours
Work = 50 hours
Travel = 9 hours
Thesis = 2 hours
Socialising/Gigs etc = 20 hours
Misc Necessary Boring Stuff = 12 hours
Creative Things = 2 hours
Internet = 8 hours

RESULT = Not enough time!

I want to add an Exercise catergory. I want to nap more. I want to increase the time spent on my thesis and on being creative. I want to increase Internet time, so that I can research all the interesting ideas I have been coming across. I also want to socialise more. Even with that rather large amount of time spent socialising, there are lots of people I haven't caught up with.

I suppose it was an atypical week with bus drivers striking, mothers visiting, 2 gigs, and a thesis meeting (usually the thesis value = 0 hours). Yet, if it had been a typical week I still think I wouldn't have enough time. Besides, I don't really have typical weeks.

Just think of how balanced life could be if you could cut out work. That's a 50 hour core saving.

There seem to be two ways to cut out work:

1. Get some-one (rich toy boy, government, etc to pay your expenses)

2. Accumulate investments, have them work for you to the point dividends take care of your requirements.

There's a plan in there somewhere.
I like option 1 best :) and I love the idea of cutting out work all together!

I guess other options would be to work less or combine work with one of the other categories.
Harmony is attained when the work you choose to do is for the enjoyment or challenge offered in the task, and money is a byproduct of that.

If your investments can cover the basics, life is obviously easier.

I wish I had fully appreciated that 20 years ago, but starting at anytime is better than never starting.

It does make sense to put some time into learning about the power of investing and ways you can achieve that.

Given the similarity in name, it is appropriate to recommend any books by Suze Orman (eg The courage to be rich). She will put the concepts in a practical framework and likely make a big difference to the next step.

Hmm, my Glimmer of Light thought of the week kinda fits in with this. When you are clear about the things that are truly important to you, making choices is considerably easier.

I have to go now. Need to practice what I preach. And practice is the operative word :-)
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