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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Changes in how we access the news AND Why are some people resistant to new technology?

Here is an interesting article from the Carnegie Reporter on Abandoning the News
Adults age 18-to-34 are not interested in getting the news the way previous generations did, which is driving fundamental, technology-influenced changes in the news business.

It is nice to be in the young generation category :-)

New technology is not just influencing the way I get news, it seems to be influencing every aspect of my life.

Is the adoption of new technology related to age? I would never have thought so, because I seem to be adopting new technology faster now than I did several years ago. However, even with my enthusiastic recommendations, a lot of my friends are very slow about adopting new technology. My parents are even slower, and my grandparents just don't.

Is the resistance to new technology fear based or is it due a lack of time? Or maybe there is another reason. Maybe it is a brain thing, a lifestyle thing, or a personality thing.

Being a technology guy, I'm generally quick to adopt new modes of doing things. I get practically all my news from the web. The only time the television is preferred is for my local weather, where my cable company (Cablevision) has an interactive weather channel with up to the minute updates and forecasts (unless I'm already sitting at my PC, in which case weather.com is perfectedly acceptable). And the newspaper is never preferred.

Music-wise, pretty much all my listening is internet stations, including those stations that I record (via StreamRipper) and listen to later on my MP3 player.

Working in technology, most everyone I know is the same way. My parents have never touched a computer, and my mother has actually confessed that she knows she'd get addicted to the internet if they actually did ever get a computer.
Good point, it is probably also related to the amount of technology people use at work.

I guess I am not technically edgy at all. More like a weird mixture.

For the weather I prefer my weather sense. Music is cds. Shopping is online. I don't like phones and I don't have a landline, but I love the internet. The only reason I have a tv, video and dvd player is because of generous gifts from friends.

All news (ie very little) is from the web or from people telling me things. I don't do newspapers or tv news.
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