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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Why are combo meals cheaper?

At least I think they are.

Bendy visited and we were talking about fast food and "Super Size Me", which I haven't seen, but have now added to my movieshack queue. Then, because all that talk of fast food made me hungry, I went to Wendys.

I bought a burger and fries. I did not buy a combo meal. I don't like combo meals because they force me to have a soft drink that I don't really like or want. Then, when I throw the drink away, I feel bad about wasting the drink and I feel bad about the disposable cup. Usually I don't even feel like fries. Usually I just buy a burger.

Anyway, today I noticed how much I paid for the burger and fries. I think (the prices were a bit blurry) I paid an extra 25 cents to not have the combo. WTF?! I am paying extra to not have the drink?! I really should pay more attention to how much money I am spending.

Why do combo meals cost less? It's not even like they are giving you a free drink. It is more like they are strongly encouraging you to have the free drink. And its not just a financial incentive. It is much easier to order a combo. I don't like getting asked for confirmation that yes I want "just the burger" every single time. Or asked if I want a combo instead.

Next time I go to McDs/BK/Wendy's I am going to ask if I can have the combo meal without the drink. I wonder if they will let me do that?

A quick Google wasn't very helpful with the question, but I did find a vaguely interesting article on super sized "value" meals here.

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