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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Financial Advice and Gingerbread

Attention turbo savers! Foldedspace has an interesting post summarising several financial advice books. Yes I know all this stuff, but hearing it again doesn't hurt, especially in light of ZenTigers recent comments about purpose, money, time etc.

Here is the related quote:
"Your PURPOSE explains WHAT you are doing with your life. Your VISION explains how you are living your PURPOSE. Your GOALS enable you to realise your VISION." Bob Proctor
I like the quote but I don't know what I am doing with my life, so am a bit stuck!

I made gingerbread. Although it should probably be called clove bread. I got a bit carried away with the cloves because I got to grind them with a mortar and pestle. Grinding spices is fun! The ginger was already ground and therefore not as much fun.

There were lots of gingerbread recipes on the interweb, so I chose the Laura Ingalls Wilder recipe. I loved the Little House on the Prairie!

Anyway the recipe was pretty good, apart from the excess cloves which was totally my fault.

I am not very good with recipes at the best of times, but when the recipe is on my computer screen upstairs, and the kitchen is downstairs I guess amounts and ingredients far more than usual.

Knowing what you might want to do with your life is the tricky bit. Some guy interviewed old people (like really old people) and asked them what their regrets were. Overwhelmingly it was:

1. Not taking more chances.
2. Not taking more time out (to reflect on events, consider lessons learned and plan ahead)

There is no law to say you need to know what you want to do with your life. You can also change your mind as often as you like.

Building in some time out seems like a good idea though.
More chances. More time out. Sounds like excellent advice.

Most of the time I don't mind drifting or being lost. But then sometimes I get concerned that everyone else seems to have goals and is going somewhere so maybe I should be too.

But you are right, there is absolutely no need to go anywhere or do anything. It is probably better not to set goals if I don't know where I am going!

My recent attempts at defining a purpose and goals have been disasters. Each time I have done this life has come along and thrown a major curveball that negates my carefully thought out plan. After a couple of these I figured that maybe I was going in the wrong direction and that maybe I should drift for a bit longer.

And thanks for the perfectly timed mind-changing reminder :) I tend to forget that there is nothing wrong with changing my mind.
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"Announcing your plans is a good way to hear god laugh."

    --Al Swearengen, "Deadwood"
haha!!!! :D

I hadn't heard that quote. It's great! Secret or red herring plans from now on ;) I wonder if god reads this blog?
The immortal John Lennon also said "Life is what happens while you are busy making plans"
Plan making is a difficult habit to break. It is one of my favourite forms of procrastination and avoidance :)
where's mine!? ;)
I ate it:)

I will bake some more this weekend minus the cloves. Tea party?
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