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Friday, May 13, 2005

Quiver & Sonic @ Studio (12th May 2005)

Last night I went to see Quiver and Sonic play at The Studio. The Studio is a relatively large venue, so when it is as empty as it was last night it feels and sounds boomy and strange. It was very difficult to get into the music. As a result it was my least favourite gig for both bands, but that's only because of the atmosphere.

Both Quiver and Sonic have extremely catchy songs and I think they played well. I must admit I wasn't paying too much attention to the technical side as I was pretending to be Miss Rock Photographer. Here are a couple of my favourite photos from the gig. I'm sure I will post more photos later because I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

Sonic Quiver

If Amanda is still sick tonight I will go to Nick Cave and get some more live gig pics. Only I have a crap zoom, and I don't like crowds, so I'm not expecting much.

Oh and in Runninghouse news (cause I ran into Rich): Runninghouse music will feature in the next Bikini Bandits film. Apparently the boys may also get to appear in the film. Rock stars and film stars all at the same time. Whatever next?

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