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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Scarf losses are a winter expense I should be able to avoid.

I am currently craving gingerbread. The coffee shop next to work sells divine and expensive gingerbread. I need to start baking.

The Universe seems to have handled it's first assignment (thesis motivation) well. I have now assigned it "thesis admin sorting out."

Backpack reminders are working.

There must be a solution to the hem-length/shoe-height dilemma. I just need to find it.

what is the hem length/shoe height dilemma?
That the optimal trouser/skirt length varies with heel height. And by optimal I mostly mean cool :).

For example, if your jeans are the right length for wearing with high heels, then when you wear them with flats they will drag along the ground in the mud and water and get all worn. But if they are the right length for flats, then they will a) look stupid and b) make your ankles cold if you wear them with heels.

You probably don't have this dilemma because your skirts are adjustable.
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