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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my list my list!

Thanks to span for reminding me about my 101 Things in 1001 Days list! I had forgotten. I must update it because things change.

I find it really hard thinking of goals/dreams I really want to do though. I have never really been career driven or had big dreams about doing big things. The things that have always mattered the most to me is a)the people I am with and b) learning stuff about me and the world and other people. It is not the sort of thing that easily translates into a list of 101 things I really really want to do. I mean, if I am happy and I have people around me whom I love and they are happy and I have the freedom and resources to do what takes my fancy I don't care all that much whether I do any of that list!

Anyway, at the moment being a housewife and just pottering around doing what I feel like appeals. Although "pottering around doing what I feel like" could include any number of things including consulting and travelling and research and creating. I am almost certain that I won't usually feel like doing housework. And I guess I am also very particular about where I would be happy being a housewife.

I'm not really a big goal person either - it's funny because a lot of people think I'm quite ambitious, but I'm not, I just sort of end up doing things because I'm enthusiastic and then it's too late to pull out!

When I think about where I want to be in a few years time it's all about being happy, not about having x or doing y. Maybe it's because I've had depression, that I'm so focused on how I feel rather than what I do?

Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration :-)
Does anyone ever really *want* to do housework?
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