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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

underwear is expensive

I just spent $100 and it was a sale and I didn't get a lot:
2 singlet tops
1 bra
2 pairs of knickers
1 pair of board shorts.

Dear oh dear. That was my BDO ticket. And I really could do with more. Baggy falling off clothes is one thing (although I was unreasonably upset today when my favourite board shorts are definitely too big to wear) but baggy falling off underwear is another. Why is underwear so expensive?! And why are almost all the bras padded and/or synthetic and/or decorated with lace and flowery bright designs? Why don't they make more underwear that I like?

And I will have to take the board shorts back. It seems I have dropped two dress sizes, not one, unless they are doing funny things with dress sizing. I think I have only dropped one underwear size. So how does that work?

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