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Sunday, February 11, 2007

question of the day

Is it only the sugar in processed food that is addictive or are there other things that are addictive as well?

Before Christmas I was really happy with my diet. I ate what I felt like, when I felt like it and I felt GREAT. I just listened to what my body wanted, and it wanted fresh fruit and vegetables and that's about it. Then Christmas happened and I had a couple of weeks where I ate a) too much and b) stuff I didn't feel like eating because a) I felt pressured into it to make other people feel good and b) there weren't any alternatives.

Now I can't listen to what my body wants to eat because it is telling me to eat processed and/or fatty and/or sugary food. And it is telling me to eat it continuously. Grrr. It is especially annoying because I can now tell that the processed food makes me lethargic and drained and I even get an almost allergic reaction to heavily processed stuff. Yet I still want to eat it! GRRR!

Maybe I need to fast. Yes. That is what I will do. As soon as I finish my hot cross buns...

Any type of sugar is addictive. I totally sympathise - Christmas did it to me as well.
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