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Sunday, July 16, 2006

books and things

I was in a book shop yesterday. I really really should have stayed away. If I go into a bookshop I always leave with a book. A friend was with me and was saying things like "you don't need to buy the book, you can just come back and read it," or "you can just get it out of the library." She doesn't understand. She loves reading, but she doesn't love books. I love reading and books. Visitor books are OK, but I infinitely prefer family books (ie books that live with me). Besides, for some reason I never really read visitor books. Although, having said that, I don't always read the books I buy either. Nevermind. They have a good home and that is all that matters. Hopefully they don't feel neglected.

Does anyone else buy books because they feel sorry for them and/or want them to have a good home?

Definitely. And second hand books are the runts of the litter - the slightly imperfect ones that make you feel sorry for them... plus, they're cheaper! :-)
Oh yes! I love secondhand books. Especially the old ones.
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