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Friday, July 07, 2006

delicious links of the day

How to Avoid Smalltalk. Yay! Just what I always wanted! I absolutely detest small talk. I'd rather look weird/strange/out of place than make small talk. I'd rather not talk to anyone than make small talk.

Developer's Guide to Surviving Meetings. I seem to have done quite well at avoiding meetings so far, but you never know when I may have to attend long pointless boring meetings. The guide is not just for developers. I am sure it would work for anyone who needs to stay sane in meetings.

My current technique is "Camouflage Sketching" except I don't camouflage it and I sketch/doodle when I am interested and listening as well as when I am bored. I listen and think and absorb information 100x better if I doodle pretty designs at the same time.

Oooh! Pretty designer barcodes!

Eubonic Code. I find this amusing. I guess I am geek.

And, last but definitely the opposite of least: Imagining the Tenth Dimension. String theory! Dimensions! Visualization! So exciting!!!! Yes. Very geek indeed.

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