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Saturday, July 15, 2006

blood sugar baby

I have finally gotten around to reacquiring blood sugar sex magik. About time. It must be one of my all time favourite albums. How come it is only my all time favourite albums that disappear into the void?

Tomorrow I will get out my bass and play along. It is one of the funnest albums to play bass along to.

Great, great album... Would you believe that, when it came out, I was too snobby to buy it or admit that I liked a couple of tracks on it? The thing is, I was a huge Faith No More fan and saw RHCPs as a lame facsimilie of FNM, who I thought were criminally under-rated... I mean, it's not as if it was an Oasis v Blur either/or situation, but I was a bit like that, I'm ashamed to say...

I'm over it now though :) The RHCPs have always rocked and Blood Sugar Sex Magic is a wicked album.
Were FNM underrated? Aren't they still one of the greats? As are RHCP :)
"Were FNM underrated?"

Quite possibly not! As I say, I was a random sort of bloke...
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