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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have been looking for free, simple software that will let me press "Start" when I start a certain task, "Pause" when I pause it, and then "Stop" when, you know, I stop it.

It's because I detest timesheets and I keep thinking there must be a better system than scribbling illegible numbers on loose bits of scrap paper. And no, entering times into my timesheet as I go is not practical. Our brand new timesheet system is unbelievably slow, unwieldy and annoying to use.

So I want something like Clockwork, but not web-based. And I want something as simple and small as the Outlook compatible TaskBlaze, but with a few more options (eg pause, multiple tasks, export to file, save). If you can recommend anything, let me know.

Oh. BTW I found this kind of cool piece of software: TimeSnapper. It takes regular shots of your screen over the week and then, when it is timesheet time you can watch a movie of how you spent the week. I have yet to test it and I have no idea if it provides any useful information, especially for chronic multitaskers like me (I usually have 6-8 Applications open at once, including Firefox, which will usually have at least 10 tabs open).

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