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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the shoe thing

I just tried to count how many pairs of shoes I have in order to illustrate the point that although I don't "get" the shoe thing, it is one of the few really girly characteristics I have.

I have too many pairs of shoes to count in my head. I'd guess around 50 pairs. Is that excessive?

Yes. But there's nothing wrong with excess.
How the hell did you find the time and money to buy so many shoes?
I know centipedes with less shoes...
Come on guys - fess up. How many shoes do you own?
Two pairs of office / dress shoes, one brown and one black. One pair of casual shoes. One pair of sandals. One pair of sneakers. One pair of winter / snow boots.

6 pairs. I think that's the bare minimum needed to survive.
I don't know how I ended up with so many pairs of shoes.

Maybe it's because I rarely wear shoes out and I rarely throw shoes away (they ALWAYS come back into fashion). I think I have only ever worn one pair of tramping boots out. Also I need a selection to complement my various styles of dressing.

Guys don't wear as wide a selection of clothes, therefore they don't need a many shoes.
One pair dress shoes, one pair smart casual shoes, one pair tramping style boots, one set of gumboots, one pair jandals. Also, one pair diving boots (for scuba). Sneakers recently thrown out...

Total = 6.
2 basketball boots
2 running shoes
4 casual sneakers
4 dress boots
1 tramping boots
5 jandal type sandals
5 other sandals
1 slippers
2 ugg boots
3 work heels
8 dressy heels
8 misc shoes


So 50 was an exaggeration.

I've had one pair of ugg boots since I was 9 and several other pairs of shoes since I was a teenager.
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